Texas – GZP4220

Event Description: PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED MURDEROUS LUNATIC!!! BEWARE!!!! I was entering into the apartments I live in, through the only entrance there is, and this fucking VIOLENTLY DERANGED OLD FUCKING BITCH comes SPEEDING out from the back of the other apartments next door and CUTS ME OFF, STOPPING ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER AND BLOCKING THE ENTIRE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS!!!!! I honk my horn and this VIOLENT PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED BITCH FLIPS ME “the bird” and gets OUT OF HER CAR AND WALKS OFF!!! I got out and took a picture of her license plate. After I took a picture of her license plate, she took off!!!! I reported this DERANGED PSYCHO BITCH to the police, but as usual, they weren’t interested. There were PLENTY of empty parking spaces for this piece of human garbage to park in, but NO…she had to try to cause me to HIT HER, and BLOCK THE DAMNED ROAD!!!
Driver Description: Old White Bitch
Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/ES 350
Event Date/Time: April 22, 2019 16:30:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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