Texas – JCY9279

Event: Illegal Parking/Blocking Road
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Event Date/Time: May 01, 2018 17:23:00 pm
Location: 33.023463889392026, -96.76534001055296
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Impala
Event Description: MORE violent, LAW BREAKING criminals parking in a RED fire lane that is clearly marked “NO PARKING FIRE LANE”!!! And you can even see an EMPTY parking space by that black car!!! And not only are they ILLEGALLY parked in a no parking zone, they are at least TWO feet away from the curb, BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS!!!!! The Fire Marshall of Plano sent me the LAW from the city books, where it CLEARLY states that NOBODY is allowed to park in a RED fire zone, except emergency vehicles! Not for ANY amount of time!!! Yet the lazy, worthless “law enforcement” in this sorry assed city REFUSES to cart these criminals off to jail!!! ILLEGAL parking! UNSAFE parking! BLOCKING traffic! Causing danger to anyone around!
Driver Description: 2 old white bitches

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