Texas – JCZ9409

Event: SPED speeding thru STOP SIGN
Event Description: This VIOLENT PSYCHO never ever stops at the STOP sign on American street at Amelia Court street! Once AGAIN, he SPEEDS RIGHT THROUGH THIS STOP SIGN and barely slows down enough to take the corner without flipping over!!! I have NEVER, EVER seen this deranged psycho stop at ANY stop sign around here, and I’ve NEVER, EVER seen him stop or even slow down at THIS particular stop sign!! Even when there’s traffic, he SPEEDS RIGHT THROUGH IT INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!!! And the so-called “law enforcement” REFUSE to enforce the laws!!! Another violent, deranged, murderous psychopath let lose on public roads by the DMV and the Plano “Police” !!!!
Driver Description: white male
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram
Event Date/Time: January 21, 2019 16:55:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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