Texas – JFT3997

Event: SPED thru STOP SIGN
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Event Date/Time: May 11, 2018 06:00:00 am
Location: 33.01945177596883, -96.76284555616911
Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan or Toyota/truck
Event Description: This violent douchebag SPED SPEEDING through the STOP sign off of Woodburn Corners onto 15th Street!! I mean he SPED through that stop sign!!!! He did NOT hesitate, he did not SLOW DOWN, he did not STOP!!!!! HE SPED THROUGH IT AS FAST AS HE COULD GO!!!! I was hoping he would flip that damn truck over, because I sure as hell would have got out and laughed at this psychotic douchebag!!
Driver Description: white male

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