Texas – JHG6030

Event: Illegal/DANGEROUS parking
Event Description: This asshole was PARKED ON THE STREET where parking is ILLEGAL! Not only that, parked blocking a bus stop!! Blocking traffic and creating a DANGEROUS problem for heavy traffic! If this douchebag was broken down, then he did NOT have his flashers on, nor did he have his hood raised, much less any indication that he was broke down! Another fuktard that has no CLUE how to drive, endangering EVERYBODY ELSE on the road!!!
Driver Description: old white male
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Charger
Event Date/Time: March 16, 2019 12:58:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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  1. youre a fucking dumbass if you think he’s a bad driver for being broken down. just because your car is broken down doesn’t mean you don’t have to show signs of it. his car might not have hazard lights that work, or any at all. don’t report people for doing shit that they cant control. you’re the one causing problems.

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