Texas – KPS1309

Event Description: EXTREMELY VICIOUS, VIOLENT, DEADLY, MURDEROUS LUNATIC PSYCHOPATH!!! IF YOU SEE THIS MURDEROUS LUNATIC ON THE ROADS, CALL THE POLICE!!!! I was driving down Renner Road in the center lane and this deranged lunatic was in the far right lane. As we came to stop at the red light at Renner and Renner Pkwy, this PSYCHO HARD JERKED ACROSS MY REAR BUMPER ALMOST RAMMING MY VEHICLE WHILE CUTTING TWO LANES OF TRAFFIC OFF!!!! Then SPEEDING down Renner Road, JERKING AND SWERVING IN AND OUT OF LANES IN HEAVY TRAFFIC, CUTTING OFF VEHICLES RIGHT AND LEFT!!! Then this MURDEROUS LUNATIC TURNED RIGHT FROM THE CENTER LANE OFF OF Renner Road onto Custer Road IN HEAVY TRAFFIC!!!! Then went SPEEDING down Custer Road, JERKING AND SWERVING IN AND OUT OF LANES until he turned onto the George Bush Turnpike access road and disappeared!!!!
Driver Description: Black male
Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/Elantra
Event Date/Time: January 05, 2019 13:03:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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