Texas – KSL3415

Event Description: Another DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATH let loose on public roads by the DMV!!! RIDING MY REAR BUMPER down Renner, pulling up ON MY REAR BUMPER AT RED LIGHTS, RAPING my SAFETY SPACE and PERSONAL SPACE!! I mean I look in my rearview mirror and dont see ANY of the front end of this vehicle!!! I don’t even see the BOTTOM of their windshield!!!! Then they JERKED AROUND INTO THE OTHER LANE AND SPED PAST ME TO CUT ME OFF!!! I was on Renner road coming up on Alama road and this VIOLENTLY DERANGED PIECE OF DISEASED GARBAGE JERKS THEIR CAR ACROSS INTO MY LANE CUTTING ME OFF, SO THEY CAN TURN RIGHT onto ALMA!!! JERKED OVER AND CUT ME OFF ON A WET ROAD, IN THE RAIN!!!! DRIVING WITH NO HEADLIGHTS ON IN THE DARK, IN THE RAIN!!! Looked like a 5 year old Indian boy driving this car!!!!
Driver Description: ?Indian boy?
Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/Genesis
Event Date/Time: May 11, 2019 12:40:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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