Texas – MNW3244

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: Was on my motorcycle riding behind this truck, his trailer had an unsecured load and he was constantly drifting off to the right into the shoulder. I passed him on the legal passing zone for this little two lane road giving this idiot ample distance. A minute later he is less than a foot from my rear tire. With no place to pull over and fearing that I was about to gun under this truck I gunned it and he stay with me all the way up to 100+ until right before the gas station. Pulling into the gas station get away from this sociopath he follows suit, passes me and parks his heap of shit on the far side of the lot. I take the chance to calm my nerves and not do anything stupid and start to fill up my bike, the whole time waiting for this jackass to step out of his truck. After a few minutes he does and starts to walk into the store. A shouting match started and his reason for trying to run me over was “I passed him.” Old fuck needs to be punched into a feeding tube for that shit.
Driver Description: 60-70 year old white male, yellow shirt, overalls. Likely several generations of sister fucking has influenced his slouched, inbred posture.
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram 1500
Event Date/Time: May 06, 2020 01:09:00 am
Location: Texas, United States


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