Texas – MVZ5658

Event: No Signals
Event Description: Douchebag did not use a turn signal going left at the light. Also it was raining and why does he have his windows down? Smoking some weed maybe or possibly cut the cheese?!
Driver Description: Douche Badass
Vehicle Make/Model: White/Mustang
Event Date/Time: April 15, 2021 09:35:00 am
Location: Texas, United States


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  1. Amarillo Texas
    As I was leaving the intersection of 34th and Georgia in the left lane heading East there is construction where 2 lanes merge into one lane(as there has been for 5months now), clearly seen from 3/4 of a mile back. There were no cars in the right hand lane as the last car turned right at previous light. This Yukon comes up beside me and tries to run me off the road (pushing me into oncoming traffic) as the barrels are getting closer to his vehicle. I see there is plenty of room behind me for him to brake and get into the line of traffic. He speeds ahead of me hitting & knocking over a traffic barrel as he gets infront of me. He then puts his hand out the window 2 different times to flip me off in-between putting his hand out the window with the shape of a gun pulling the trigger 2x ALL as he is speeding up and stopping short (can hear his tires squeal) in what I can only guess is an attempt for me to hit the back of his vehicle. The vehicle behind me pulled up at the stop light that he flew through. At the stop light the women behind me pulled up next to me saying she was afraid he was going to pull out a real gun ( #gunvote sticker on his window) and start shooting as he sped past tons of vehicles inline passing her too.
    LRV-9095 GMC Yukon Man needs to learn how to drive.

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