Texas – PSK6774

License State / Plate: Texas – PSK6774

Type of Bad Driving Event: Reckless

Date / Time 05/08/2022 4:00 PM

Location: Georgetown, TX, USA

Vehicle Make & Model: Jeep Renegade

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please): Extreme speed. Driver came up behind me in the fast lane, I was unable to immediately move over due to traffic in the center lane. Once center lane cleared I started to move over to let him past, but he accelerated even faster and passed on the right. But since I was trying to move over, for his benefit, he almost hit me. He saw me trying to change lanes, for his benefit, but continued coming on. Came very, very close to hitting my right back side at 80+ MPH speeds. All because I was trying to change lanes to let him past, and that was not good enough for him.

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