Event: Deranged, Murderous, Pychopath
Event Description: I was turning right onto Woodburn Corners off of 15th street, and this pycho POS was turning from the other direction, ALMOST T-BONED MY VEHICLE because he’s too goddamned stupid and lazy to wait for someone to get out of the way!!! Then he was LITERALLY DRIVING ON MY REAR BUMPER down Woodburn Corners to Park road!!! Then when we got to Woodburn Corners and Park, I was stopped in the left turn lane at the RED LIGHT, and HE SPED THRU THE RED LIGHT onto Park into PASSING TRAFFIC! Another deranged, murderous, psychopathic fuktard!!
Driver Description: fat white male
Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Wrangler/Renegade (neon green)
Event Date/Time: March 15, 2019 16:42:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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