United Kingdom – CP17TXU

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: This guy tail gated me along a country road, then decided to ovet take and slam on his breaks just before the end of the road, and whilst over taking me he was gesticulating at me, and saying something.. i have no idea what. I said he was a twat for overtaking on a country lanw and he must of lip read my response and got out of his car and decided to mouth off some more. Again i have no idea what about and i dont car less, i could not have driven any faster or got out of his way on a country road and i dont appreciate being tale gated when i’m not driving slowly. I am a very petite women and says a lot when a man gets out of his car to confront me. What a big boy he is, shamefull.
Driver Description: Tall, Slim wearing a beany hat
Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/M3
Event Date/Time: May 19, 2019 20:17:00 pm
Location: United Kingdom

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2 Replies to “United Kingdom – CP17TXU”

  1. As they say there is two stories to every tale.
    That’s me in the video and this woman is an utter liar……
    What she clearly doesn’t show on the video is the moment she actually joins this “country lane.
    She doesn’t show this because she nearly wrote me off in the process, she looked at me as I came down the road, then at the last minute pulled out on me and caused me to mount the grass verge to avoid her. Oh but that’s not her fault is it ?
    I’m gesticulating and going banana because you nearly killed me you stupid woman, it was an icy morning and drove like a fool two mins before that video starts to play. That why when you said I’m videoing you I said I don’t care, your not right in the head…….
    I bet you’ve never had an accident but seen plenty……..

  2. Ha ha ha content removed.
    Stop accusing people of doing thing out of context, try posting videos of why you managed to annoy a normal person so much they felt they had to get out of their car. After that learn how to drive.
    Another thing for the record, you are not petite………

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