Utah – V916DV

Event: Merge Blocker
Event Description: There was an accident further down the highway and the left lane was blocked. I was traveling in the left lane and as soon as I saw that the lane was blocked ahead I immediately turned on my signal and proceeded to inch over in order to merge to the next lane. Traffic in all lanes were barely moving so it seemed reasonable that the car next to me would allow me to merge in when the vehicle in front them moved up enough. However, the lady driving the Volkswagon next to me gave me a sarcastic smirk and made an offensive gesture. She was well aware of the situation ahead of us but didn’t seem to care and even moved up as close as she could to the vehicle in front of her in order to prevent me from merging in. She continued to stare at me smiling like it was the most important thing in the world for her to screw me over. Thankfully the vehicle behind her allowed me to merge in after she moved up enough.
Driver Description: Woman in her 30s. She was traveling with a child in the car while smoking and talking on the phone.
Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen/Jetta S
Event Date/Time: September 26, 2018 23:53:00 pm
Location: Utah, United States

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