Virginia – IMWIND

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: Aggressive driver forced his way in front of me from a turn lane near the CostCo in Springfield, VA without signaling or anything, almost causing an accident. It was either let him in or have him cause a front-end damage to my car. For about a mile before this incident, the young black driver did not bother to signal or anything and was constantly speeding. This is Springfield, VA
Driver Description: Young, black, vindictive driver who seems to like to race and drive faster than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if he causes an accident; he has to be the one in front of everybody and doesn’t believe that he has to wait for anybody or signal. Very aggressive, self-centered, bipolar asshole driver who doesn’t give anyone the right of way. People like him need to go back to driving school and have their licenses revoked for shitty, bad driving. This is Springfield, VA.
Vehicle Make/Model: Chrysler/Aspen
Event Date/Time: February 23, 2019 23:39:00 pm
Location: Virginia, United States

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