Virginia – ULP5349

Event: Slow Poke
Event Description: Sat through three red light blocking the left turn. Did not hear when I politely Hong and then almost pulled out into traffic after the second red light. Everyone was honking at him when the second light came on. The third light we were all just holding our horns on and he did not hear. Traffic to the right had to drive around him this time because he pulled out further into the intersection when he had a red again he finally pulled out and noticed we were filming him. He came to a red light, stopped and the screeched a left and ducked into a McDonald’s and parked as we we pulling up to the light still filming. Pretty sure he was under the influence because he almost sideswiped a car before the incident at the light.
Driver Description: Young. Dark hair. Male. Either dark tan or possibly Hispanic or light skinned African American.
Vehicle Make/Model: Kia/Rio
Event Date/Time: June 07, 2021 18:06:00 pm
Location: Virginia, United States


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