Virginia – UNKNOWN

Event: Accident resulted in a death
Event Date/Time: October 13, 2018 13:45:00 pm
Location: Virginia, United States
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Tundra
Event Description: The individual (Co-owner of the company) driving the company truck for Blue Ridge Building Supply was driving 50 mph while a sign on the hill stated “35 mph” and “watch for turning vehicles” (I saw a lawyer about this, and was told that the sign was “not the speed limit” but only “a suggestion.”). Ironically, he was not charged, and my mother was charged with “failure to yield the right of way.” He t-boned my mother’s car and broke her back, neck, both hands, her hip, and broke her foot partially off of her leg at the ankles. He never attempted to slow down, and he did not apply the brakes. The co-owner never spoke to either one of us at the scene of the accident either. He was so aloof that mother thought it was a hit and run at first. My mother had to be cut out of the car with the jaws of life, and taken to hospital via advanced life support. He witnessed every piece of this completely devoid of emotion. A week later, we got a call from his insurance company saying that “since you are at fault,” you need to provide insurance information because we can’t read the officer’s handwriting on his report. After all, “your mother totaled his truck, and he needs to get going again.” He cared more about his company truck than he did my mother’s life! Additionally, every bad review that I have written for him, and his company has been removed. He had no regard for my mother’s life whatsoever, and he never contacted her or me. When I confronted him online about what he had done, he had his marketing director write to me, and tell me that he had been told by “other people” at the scene that mother was going to be fine. What “other people”??? He was driving the truck, and was the only person who hit her!!! She suffered terribly for two months in terrible pain in the hospital and rehab centers and died from complications from the accident. She literally spent her last hours on this earth choking to death!!! His reaction. Dead silence, and quietly removing any mention of his actions online!!!! What a company! You sure don’t want to be involved in an accident with Blue Ridge Building Supply!!
Driver Description: Co-owner,treasurer of Blue Ridge Building Supply in Crozet, VA.

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