Virginia – VTD2553

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: This reckless bitch wins Asshole Prize of the Month, not to be outdone. Tailgating to the point of almost touching, passing on double-yellow, hopping in and out of oncoming traffic on a two-lane road, with no regard whatsoever for other drivers. This is one of those few that you encounter, scratching your head in disbelief as to how someone could possibly behave like this, and have a conscience. This twat needs a good-ol’ ass-whopping, and then should be thrown in jail for at least three months. Fucking piece of shit.
Driver Description: Idiot female menace, just inches from a manslaughter charge
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Camry
Event Date/Time: November 06, 2018 17:16:00 pm
Location: Virginia, United States

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