Reported Bad Driver

Washington – AGZ7708

Event: Aggressive
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Corolla
Event Description: My family was waiting for a parking space at the paid parking lot. Saw a family walking towards their car, signalled and waited. We even reversed to let the car out of their parking space. Out of no where this car moves right into our spot and steals it. I rolled down my window and asked them nicely to give our parking space back as we signalled and waited first. The passenger of the car responded: “So what, we’ve bee circling around here for 2 hours already. What you gonna do ’bout it huh? I ain’t gonna move so what can you do about it? Go ahead take a picture I’m still not moving.” Talking about rudeness in someone else’s country! Have some manners!!
Driver Description: Driver: Short woman. Grey short hair. Blue jacket with hoodie. Passenger: Average height. All black, long hair wearing weird looking toque. Looks like a terrible gothic wannabe. Passenger at back: Purple short hair. Black outfit. Probably high school kid. Gothic looking.

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