Washington – AKW7095

Event: Cut Off
Event Description: The driver cut me off while I have been driving on the empty street at 30 mph (30 limits), and strart driving 20 mpg. A few blocks after that she turned a right turn signal, and completely stop in our one lane road, when it is not nessesary, opened window and showed me f*ck. I turned on the same road, and then she stopped on a stop sign, I asked her why she showed me the finger. She start yelling like “shut the f*ck up in your little German piece of shit (btw my car cost twice more than hers)”. She is mental.
Driver Description: a white American woman about 50-55 years old,
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Charger
Event Date/Time: April 15, 2019 10:10:00 am
Location: Washington, United States

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