Washington – BAW3112

Event: Road Rage
Event Description: Driver became enraged when I entered the round about before her (plenty of room for me to enter and not slow her down). As soon as I get out of the round about she starts to tail me, and then speeds into the left lane to pass me and proceeds to cut me off with no turn signal. I tried to get over into the left lane and then the psycho hogs BOTH lanes and flashes me the most ridiculous smug smile…. like my two-year old son when he gets the last piece of candy before big sister. It’s hilarious because she was in her 50s!!!! Maybe late to the pharmacy for her mood stabilizers???
Driver Description: 50s, white female, hideous smirk
Vehicle Make/Model: Subaru/Outback
Event Date/Time: July 10, 2019 05:15:00 am
Location: Washington, United States

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