Wisconsin – 237WSL

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: Driver was exceptionally slow in left lane. Refused to move to right lane. After we simply attempted a routine pass in the right lane, the driver violently accelerated as we were merging and cut us off. He proceeded to look over angrily and made agitated hand gestures. Cut off our vehicle as we were attempting to pass. After this the driver continued to drive aggressively and irrationally. The aggressive driver continued making odd hand gestures. I kept my camera on them as they continued to block the left lane. This clearly upset them more as they were then trying to drive with his phone out. This guy was not only endangering our vehicle and lives, but surrounding vehicles as well. Their blatant aggression and negligence Was troubling enough. But continuing to drive as they did only proves this driver wants nothing but trouble.
Driver Description: Brown haired male. Very aggressive. Likely to start trouble out of nothing. Dangerous.
Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/Terrain
State/Province: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Event Date/Time: August 02, 2018 00:00:00 am
Location: 43.003270436605504, -89.20315643780782

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