Wisconsin – LX8419

License State / Plate: Wisconsin – LX8419

Type of Bad Driving Event: Road Hog

Date / Time: 01/04/2022 3:30 PM

Location: Delafield, WI, USA

Vehicle Make & Model: Ford F-150

Event and Driver Description (no doxing please): A middle aged, probably small wiener-ed, manchild. He decided he needed to enter a highway at the last second and cut me off so close I’m lucky my car is the same color. I honk. He stops, blocking two lanes and yells out his window “what am I supposed to do?” Well, dickless, you should have thought about where you had to go instead of causing danger to others. ‘He’ proceeds to cut off traffic merging onto a 70mph highway. As soon as he gets into the left lane, dickless brainless manchild drives 10mph under the speed limit next to another car so no one can pass. He does this for over 5 miles, then cuts someone else off at the last second with a quick swerve to exit the highway. Too bad we all have his plate # now. Maybe he has something to prove showing that he is so good at blocking traffic – any other middle aged manchild would have just bought a decent vehicle instead of this POS!

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