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About Bad Drivers

This site is geared toward education, information, entertainment, and fun!  A compilation of “fine pieces of driving.” There is absolutely no tracking software, pop-up ads, or any other special software on this server. That is other than the standard issue NSA government spy stuff that is on every other electronic device in this galaxy, of course. Anything entered on this site by a user can be easily removed by that user.  This site is not intended to harm or get any individuals in trouble. Just aimed to educate, enlighten, and maybe help improve the roads. Might even act as a deterrent for bad driving. – cue laughter..

Law Enforcement

We ARE NOT affiliated with law enforcement! We don’t report of offer information to any law enforcement agencies. All information on this site is 100% for entertainment purposes only. If contacted by law enforcement we WILL NOT provide any information (other than what is publicly posted). We understand people have bad days and everyone, at some point, drives badly.

Crowdsourcing – Bad Drivers Reporting

Easily and quickly Report Bad Drivers, Accidents, Checkpoints, Speed Traps, or any other Alerts on the Fly.  Just about have the development wrapped up for version one of our reporting application.  It will cater to ALL COUNTRIES and of course BE FREE with NO ADS.  We’ll have a mobile and web version, both updated simultaneously.  See someone acting a fool behind the wheel or some other event or danger and want to report it? Our bad drivers mobile app will provide a spot to do just that.  It will be a sweet driving utility for sharing useful on the road information.  All bad driving reports are completely anonymous.  Web and Andriod only right now. Please keep in mind this site is only for entertainment and venting, nothing more!

And for all you kids at home, remember where there is a will there is a won’t.

BADDRIVERS.COM IS NOW ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/baddriversreport

Super special thanks to Sleepy for all the help and going with Option B!

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