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California – LGDS014

Event: Reckless Event Description: Aggressive behavior Wouldn’t wait for driver to back out before coming out of parking space Cornered me and swore at me to back up more when I couldn’t. Wouldn’t move till I called the cops Driver Description: Old white guy Aggressive Apparently went to Princeton Vehicle Make/Model: Mercedes Benz/ML550 Event Date/Time:…

California – 8RXC466

Event: Distracted Event Description: Distracted, likely due to allowing a child to freely roam around inside the vehicle. Inconsiderate to other patrons at a drive through. Several times the line would move forward, but driver wouldnt notice for several car lengths. Driver caused the line to build up and overflow out into the street/traffic, puting…

California – 7GCP775

Youtube Channel: Chris Klemens Event: Harrassment Event Description: Gay Youtuber verbally assaulted and threatened by this homophobic driver at a ballot box Driver Description: White or Latino, stocky build, dark clothing, backwards baseball cap, dark shades. Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Camry Event Date/Time: October 23, 2020 23:30:00 pm Location: California, United States

Texas – NBK3513

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Unsafe, cut across two lanes to make last minute merge into right turn lane almost hitting a car, later failed to stop at stop sign, driving 10-15 miles above limit in 35-40 zone. Driver Description: Not clearly seen, female Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Cherokee Event Date/Time: October 22, 2020 15:45:00 pm Location: Texas,…

New Hampshire – 4815448

Event: Reckless Event Description: Passed several cars behind and including us all at one time with oncoming traffic. We had to swerve and slam breaks to avoid collision. Driver Description: Silver truck. Couldn’t see him Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Tundra Event Date/Time: October 24, 2020 19:14:00 pm Location: New Hampshire, United States

Arizona – 4FR3786

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Yelled jackass as she was backing out of her garage even though I waited for he to back up and she had plenty of room enough room. Driver Description: Old bitter hag in her 50s, boy haircut Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer Event Date/Time: October 16, 2020 03:40:00 am Location: Arizona, United States