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Self-Driving Vehicle Policy: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Josh Goldman Automakers and their advocates have been busy in the halls of Congress and Department of Transportation. The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that will make it easier for self-driving cars to hit the road, the Department of Transportation replaced an Obama-era self-driving vehicle policy with a more industry-friendly approach, and the…

Coyote survives 20-mile ride embedded in car’s grille

Mike Moffitt Editor’s Note: Not really a bad driver, but thought it an interesting article. A coyote with all the luck of Wile E. tried to scamper across a road in Alberta, Canada, ahead of a speeding car. It didn’t make it. The driver, Georgie Knox recounted last week’s incident on Facebook. She was…

Reported Bad Drivers

Virginia – JSN-4710

Aggressive – Cut Off – Slow Poke – Brake Checking Ford/Excursion Zipper merge and races to cut me off then proceeds to go 10 under the posted limit all the while braking for no reason. Conga formed behind him. Total asshole! Black male in his 40s Report:

Louisiana – C347785

Aggressive ford/f250 Tailgating, weaving, speeding, insecure pipe in truck bed, trying to intimidate other drivers with hand gestures and by taking cell phone video while driving Male, 30s

Maryland – 2CG9775

Failure to yield Maryland bmw/328xi 20 something age female driver with dark hair drifted out of her land and almost struck my vehicle then was upset and proceeded to flip me off because I was in her way. entitled.