Louisiana – 908cgf

License State / Plate:
Louisiana 908cgf

Type of Bad Driving Event:

Date / Time:
10/25/2023 12:30 PM

Juban Rd, Denham Springs, LA, USA

Vehicle Make & Model:
chevy malibu

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please):
two girls (possible high school, dont know why they were not at school). driving along florida tried to go around the light by driving into the gas station parking lot to cut everyone else off, pulled out into traffic almost hitting two cars. then proceeded to follow too close and go around on juban by driving in the wrong lane while traffic was heading this way. almost hit another car. then passed me and tried to make me hit her from behind by stomping on her brakes and then accelerating and stopping again. just an accident waiting to happen, all the while these two children were flipping the bird at other drivers and banging on her steering wheel.

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