Maryland – 8EL8020

License State / Plate:

Type of Bad Driving Event:
Bad Driver

Date / Time:

Cecil County, MD, USA

Vehicle Make & Model:
Toyota, 21’ Supra 3.0

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please):
As I was driving down the street, I suddenly noticed a car speeding towards me. Before I knew it, they had cut me off and were gone. In my anger, I followed them for a short distance before realizing that what they had done was dangerous and could have caused a serious accident.

As I continued driving, I couldn’t help but think about how rude and inconsiderate that person was. Little did I know, their rudeness would only get worse. A few minutes later, I heard someone shouting at me from behind. When I turned around, I saw the same person who had cut me off earlier running after me with their phone in hand.

“You f*g pedophile! You almost hit my kid!” they screamed.

I was stunned. Not only had this person endangered themselves and others with their reckless driving, but now they were attacking me with false accusations. It took everything within me not to respond in kind. Instead, I simply drove away, shaking with anger and disbelief.

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  1. Yea…. I call BS. That’s way too much detail to be real, and nobody is gonna take photos like that in a road rage incident.

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