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California – 6DZN752

Event: Aggressive Event Description: This car is being driven by a young woman who is perhaps VERY high. She was doing circles in the middle of a busy street by a grade school. Then, not watching her circles, almost hit me coming down the hill. She never let up. Getting to the bottom of Ticonderoga,…

Maryland – ZCS2452

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Visibly talking on phone while speeding past backed up traffic on a yellow striped L shoulder, before L turn lane started Driver Description: Young white female Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/ Event Date/Time: November 26, 2018 20:53:00 pm Location: Maryland, United States Original Report

North Carolina – EKR8104

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Asshole swerving in and out of traffic going about 85-90 mph and then cuts in front of me and does a brake check. Driver Description: Young male punk Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen / Event Date/Time: November 20, 2018 08:45:00 am Location: North Carolina, United States Original Report

Texas – JCL5991

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Very rude driver cutting people off and giving the middle finger Driver Description: Rude young man Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/ Event Date/Time: October 29, 2018 23:44:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report

Florida – JCIG42

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Turned left from a side street onto Sligh and I had to slam my brakes to avoid hitting his passenger. He didn’t even apologize. Very nasty. Driver Description: Blond, white, young. Vehicle Make/Model: / Event Date/Time: September 11, 2018 08:05:00 am Location: Florida, United States Original Report

Virginia – VWA8804

Event: Aggressive Event Description: I was going into the start of a left turning lane on Old Bridge Road in Occaquan and the driver of the CR-V came from behind me and cut me off so he could be at front of me in the turning lane. He almost clipped my car because he was…

Oregon – 9U1800

Event: Aggressive Event Description: INSANE young female speeding, cutting people off, no use or blinker, flipping off other drivers… Erratic DANGEROUS driving. Driver Description: Young female, obviously an idiot Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/ Event Date/Time: August 07, 2018 13:10:00 pm Location: Oregon, United States Original Report

Oregon – 648FGU

Event: Obnoxious Passenger State/Province: Oregon Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 04, 2018 13:50:00 pm Location: 42.34690127676335, -122.87385016418455 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Tacoma Event Description: As we (two cyclists) approached Biddle from Morrow, the Truck passed to our right to make a right turn. we were taking a left onto Biddle. The Passenger of this truck yelled…

Minnesota – 384UTY

Event: Aggressive State/Province: Minnesota Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 19, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 44.7157286, -93.28552869999999 Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/ Event Description: The driver tried to pass us and because we didnt move to the other lane he drove so close to us to the point of almost hitting us almost drove us off the…

Colorado – OZP684

Event: Tailgating State/Province: Colorado Country: United States Event Date/Time: May 17, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 38.95255034880067, -104.59450666542551 Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Dually Event Description: Went through a school zone driver was tailgating through there behind us. He then speed past us in a turn lane. He pulled over then got in front of us to go slow.…