California – 9DAE651

License State / Plate:
California – 9DAE651

Type of Bad Driving Event:
Bad Driver

Date / Time:
04/17/2024 12:00 PM

4232 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA

Vehicle Make & Model:
2022 Tesla Model S

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please):
Chinese female driver around latter 30’s in red tesla, ignores the presence of other cars and slow driving with no signals. Blocked the entrance of the entire parking lot at Palo Alto Academy Bilingual Montessori for around 3 minutes just to put her child in the child seat. Even though there was enough space in the parking lot, did not move forward and parked right at the entrance of the lot. Also blocked another white tesla from backing out of a space, making it risky for both of us as half front of my car was on the sidewalk with the back half of my car was on the street, with possibility of me being rear ended as I was in a blind spot (another car parked on the curb of the street at the entrance of parking lot). Then, she proceeds to take a lot of time to get out of the parking lot and onto the streets even though there was no oncoming traffic. Also took a long time to u-turn on one of the streets, no signals (was going the same way as I was only in the parking lot to make a u-turn).

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