Kansas – BOLOGNA

License State / Plate:
Kansas – BOLOGNA

Type of Bad Driving Event:

Date / Time:
04/18/2024 10:00 AM

Topeka, KS, USA

Vehicle Make & Model:
Kia Sedona

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please):
With a vanity plate as conspicuous as BOLOGNA you’d think the driver might be a little more careful about road rudeness! Approaching downtown Topeka on eastbound I-70 in an 18-wheeler, when I saw the yellow “exit only” at the bottom of the sign for the next exit I needed to take the left lane, so I did a standard lane change after checking my mirror to make sure it was clear (a car had been approaching me for the past minute or so but it was still far enough away that I wouldn’t be cutting it off). Out of courtesy, just to make sure I wouldn’t slow it down, I immediately raised my speed from 66-68 to 72. All of a sudden I noticed a car zooming up beside me in the right lane doing what must have been at least 80. It was clearly intent on getting in front of me, but since I was about to pass a slower vehicle in the right lane, it had very little room to slip between us. I will sometimes brake in that situation to let the impatient vehicle thread the needle but this time I just maintained my speed without braking or accelerating. The speeding car barely made it into the left lane before it was too late, then a few seconds later the driver flipped me off. I’m guessing he was accelerating hard to get in front of me before I took the lane, but was too far away to prevent it. Next, as soon as we cleared the exit and wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, this oh-so-clever driver decelerated to 40 MPH in a 60 MPH zone to slow down not just me, but a very long line of cars behind me as well. He maintained 40 MPH until taking the next exit about a mile up the road. Everyone who sees this car should flip the guy the bird!

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