Category: Cut Off

Texas – MSB5974

Event: Cut Off Event Description: This dipshit cutoff another driver who had the right of way. He pulled out into the turning lane and then got over with no signal. After I got onto the street, I realized it was a coworker also headed back from lunch. Driver Description: Pea Brain Vehicle Make/Model: Ram/Pickup Event…

Texas – NNS8339

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut-off and no indicator: Got cut-off by a stupid bearded motherfucker speeding along Chapel Creek Boulevard in west Fort Worth, Texas where some road construction began. No use of turn indicators, either, and then proceeded to brake-check me when fucking asshole got called out on it. Driver Description: Stupid bearded…

Texas – JMN3450

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Stupid bitch was in the middle lane and decided at the last second to get into the left lane and then the turning lane to turn into the post office cutting the driver behind me off, nearly hitting them. Smooth move Ex-Lax! Driver Description: Young Mexican Female Vehicle Make/Model: POS/Lexus…

Hawaii – RPX038

Event: Cut Off Event Description: The driver made aggressive lane changes without the use of turn signals, cutting off a couple of cars along the way. Driver Description: Asian male in his 30s Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Frontier Event Date/Time: April 26, 2021 15:50:00 pm Location: Hawaii, United States

Washington – BNC7242

Event: Cut Off Event Description: does not respect right of road, didn’t wait at stop sign and cut off main road traffic Driver Description: was not able to see the driver Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Sequoia Event Date/Time: April 18, 2021 17:35:00 pm Location: Washington, United States

Massachusetts – 2XNX29

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Pulling out on route 1, toward a RED LIGHT. Hyundia driver cut around me and cut me off at light. Driver Description: Older, skinny and likes to use hand gestures, pretty freaking rude… I think he thinks ok nks he owns the road Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundia/Santafe Event Date/Time: April 20,…

Texas – NZR9245

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driver was sick of waiting on cars in the school zone and pulled out, cutting off several drivers. This intersection is one of the worst during the morning rush. Driver Description: Impatient Douche Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Pickup Event Date/Time: April 20, 2021 07:50:00 am Location: Texas, United States

Hawaii – RWY554

Event: Cut Off Event Description: The driver made an illegal u-turn on Leoku Street, right as I was approaching close to him. The driver was hesitant at the yield sign leading to Farrington Highway westbound. It was already clear to make a right turn to Farrington Highway, but he waited five minutes until he finally…

Hawaii – NVB555

Event: Cut Off Event Description: The driver cut me off without the use of turn signals and almost scraped my front bumper. Driver Description: Male wearing sunglasses with blue lens Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/X3 Event Date/Time: April 19, 2021 09:09:00 am Location: Hawaii, United States

California – 7CZZ848

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Douche bag felt the need to swerve from behind me to cut me off only to be stuck behind the car that I was stuck behind. Idiot. Driver Description: Dumb prick Vehicle Make/Model: Range Rover/ Event Date/Time: April 14, 2021 16:19:00 pm Location: California, United States