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Texas – KWM7013

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Screamed out his window at a panhandler on the corner of Northwest Highway and the southbound exit from the tollway. Then sped off angrily and aggressively and parked In a no parking zone along Sherry lane and got out of his car and went into an office building. Driver Description: Black…

Virginia – USG6767

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Stupid bitch seen tailing a vehicle at less than one car-length distance down a curvy mountain road for over 4 miles. Fucking piece of shit. Probably late getting her boyfriend to his court date. For domestic assault. Driver Description: C*NT Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/SUV Event Date/Time: February 25, 2021 08:26:00 am Location:…

Ohio – JFL6498

Event: This vehicle has been followin Event Description: This suv has been following us around and harrassing us for over a year now. Whoever is driving this is a very creepy and weird and psycho individual.we need this person to stop cause this isnt the only car that does it its a cult type deal…

Virginia – URZ6395

Event: Cut Off Event Description: I was slowing down for a stoplight with 3 cars in front of me when this idiot comes flying up in the turn lane next to me and cuts in front of me in a spot that he couldn’t even fit into, he had to stop an an angle. I…

Virginia – 2327XB

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Reckless dickhead speeding 65-70+ in a 45, tailgating and hopping lanes to bully through traffic on a busy route 29 north of Charlottesville. Driver Description: DICKHEAD Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/SUV Event Date/Time: August 17, 2020 12:17:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States

Virginia – WNT2CMP

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Reckless bitch speeding 65+ in a 45, tailgating and hopping lanes to bully her way through busy traffic on southbound route 29 near Charlottsville. Driver Description: C*NT Vehicle Make/Model: Reddish/Mini SUV Event Date/Time: August 04, 2020 08:35:00 am Location: Virginia, United States

Maryland – 3CG3875

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Horrible road rage. On my tail, then illegally passed me & cut me off & slammed their brakes on several times – very obnoxious. Driver Description: Didn’t see- windows were tinted very dark Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep /Cherokee SUV Event Date/Time: June 21, 2020 17:10:00 pm Location: Maryland, United States

Virginia – PETDCTR

Event: Reckless Event Description: Reckless bitch speeding 55+ in a 35 MPH zone and hopping lanes on North Delphine avenue in Waynesboro, then blew through the red light at the intersection with Second street. Fucking C*NT. Driver Description: IDIOT FEMALE Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/SUV Event Date/Time: March 13, 2020 08:37:00 am Location: Virginia, United States

New York – NYC070

Event: Shit-Box Hero Event Description: You stop to let him go in front of you as lanes are merging. He thanks you by almost hitting your car with his big clunker because he was going too fast, (when there was no room to speed), and FLIPS YOU OFF, thinking he’s slick and cute. WTF??!!! Stopped…