Category: Cut Off

Texas – MNH7863

Event: Cut Off Event Description: I was driving into my apartments going home after work. I was on the RIGHT/CORRECT side of the street! This PSYCHO C**T JERKS OVER IN FRONT OF ME AND PARKS HER GODDAMNED CAR AND GETS OUT AND WALKS AWAY!!! PARKED IN THE STREET BLOCKING F**KING TRAFFIC!!! Not only is she…

Georgia – W73MLD

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut across 4 lanes of traffic and almost hit 2 people. Driver Description: White van tinted couldn’t see Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Touring Event Date/Time: December 26, 2020 11:55:00 am Location: Georgia, United States

Georgia – RVB0946

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Speeding, swerving, and cut me off twice. Even brake checked me after cutting me off Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: VW/Jetta Event Date/Time: December 19, 2020 18:38:00 pm Location: Georgia, United States

Florida – LKXM08

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Out of state drivers are pretty bad around here and this is no exception. This dumbbutt changed lanes without a signal and cut me off nearly clipping my front bumper. Floriduh! Driver Description: Mindless Asshole Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Tahoe Event Date/Time: December 18, 2020 09:50:00 am Location: Florida, United States

Oklahoma – AIW216

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut-off and no signal – South Bowen Road at I-20 in Arlington, Texas. This area is notorious for idiot drivers Driver Description: Male moron from Oklahoma Vehicle Make/Model: Unknown/Hatchback Event Date/Time: November 24, 2020 16:09:00 pm Location: Oklahoma, United States

Texas – DCC5826

Event: Cut Off Event Description: School zones bring out the assholes in some drivers. This impatient dimwit decided he’d had enough of waiting on cars and pulled out in front of the pickup that was in front of me Driver Description: Male Dimwit Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Altima Event Date/Time: November 20, 2020 07:45:00 am Location: Texas,…

Pennsylvania – ZMZ2820

Event: Cut Off Event Description: He wouldn’t let me merge into a lane and kept stopping suddenly so I had to slam on my brakes when I was driving behind him. He proceeded to drive slow on purpose then took a long slow right turn. He needs to go back to driving school and learn…

Texas – NFN7990

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Couldn’t make the vehicle out. Brain-dead idiot moved over into my lane so close to my vehicle that I couldn’t see the license plate. Do these idiots all think they can magically pass through other vehicles on the road? Happened in Fort Worth, Texas on Loop 820 near the Campus…

Texas – CCN7051

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driving on frontage road south i-35, between Slaughter Drive and William Cannon. Speed limit is 45mph- Due to construction work, two lanes of traffic merge into one lane. I am driving in the left lane, the right lane had about 10ft remaining until barricades begin. This Nissan veers into my…

Pennsylvania – LDJ1700

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Was driving on I-376 South, Going Under Bridge Going towards fort pitt tunnels, this vehicle passed us on berm of road under bridge where I could have grabbed his side mirror almost causing a wreck. And then sped off… Driver Description: Erratic, Aggresive, Disobeting, Driving Habits. Vehicle Make/Model: Lincoln /Mkc…