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California – 5JXP123

Event: Child Traffickers Event Description: “Liz & Daniell” drove over 100 miles (3 hours) to Venice Beach (Los Angeles, California) to meet with a 13 year old girl after sending sexually explicit pictures of themselves to what they thought was a child on an app called MeetMe aka Skout. Sent text messages to the 13…

Florida – LGXT44

Youtube: URBAN POLITICIANS TV Event: Road Rage Event Description: Violent thug assaulted a father and son at a Primo Burgers in Lancaster, CA. Tried to cry “he said the n-word” after, but there was no evidence this occurred. Driver Description: His street name is “Wack100”, he should be considered dangerous. Vehicle Make/Model: Land Rover/2019…

California – 6X30235

Event: Reckless Event Description: Vehicle cut within inches of my front bumper to take an off ramp last minute. Vehicle came from lane 3 through lane 4 to cut onto the offramp. Driver Description: Hispanic male with grey hair in his 50s wearing a white and blue checkered button up shirt. Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram Event…

Virginia – UUH5441

Event: Shit-Box Hero Event Description: Dumbass illegally passing stopped traffic using the soft right shoulder as their own personal right turn lane, then blows through the red light at the I-81 entrance ramp. Driver Description: IDIOT….unsure of gender Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Minivan Event Date/Time: December 10, 2020 09:42:00 am Location: Virginia, United States

Oregon – 879LXA

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Teacher with both hands off the steering wheel is shouting obscenities at pedestrians and not paying attention to the road. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Subaru/Crosstrek Event Date/Time: December 07, 2020 12:24:00 pm Location: Oregon, United States

Florida – LCGV57

Event: Aggressive Event Description: I changed lanes and got in front of him. He felt that I cut him off, even though there was enough room for me to get over. He blasted his high beams at me. I moved over to the next lane. He got in front of me and immediately brake checked…

Texas – BYF4505

Event: Child Predator Event Description: Richard tried to meet a 13 year old girl he met on dating app. Video proof: Driver Description: Creepy 39 year old Indian male named Richard. Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Focus Event Date/Time: October 30, 2020 11:36:00 am Location: Texas, United States Anti Predator: Youtube Channel Pop Squad: Website

Virginia – VEZ6234

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Brake checking, calling my friends racial slurs. reckless driving. Turned my signal on to get in lane, he was next to me and told me and my buddies to “watch out” mockingly. I said “whatever dude” and he didn’t like that. He was in a right turn late and cut…