Indiana – 376EHZ

I-69 Exit 210 Fishers Indiana roundabout – 376EHZ – Tesla Model Y runs the Yield sign and pulls out before us. We were going straight through the roundabout to continue on Southeastern road but had to turn the circle to catch their license plate.

Idiot Telsa Driver
Dangerous Telsa Driver
Danger to Society

Was this a self-driving Tesla that pulled out in front of us?
Was this a self driving Tesla?
Was this Tesla on autopilot?

Indiana Plate 376EHZ failure to yield
Tesla Model Y 376EHZ
Tesla 376EHZ Indiana License Plate
Tesla 376EHZ Indiana Plate
Tesla 376EHZ Plate

Tesla details:
2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range
Style / Body: SUV 4DEngine: Electric 34

How's my Texting? Indiana – 376EHZ

California – 6WUP815

Speed limit on E Francis Dr is 25 mph. I had my cruise set to 28 mph. This guy came speeding up behind me. Then he tailgated me. Then he illegally passed me in the middle of the intersection of E Francis Dr and N Hermosa Dr. Crazy old man needs to get off the road before he hurts or kills someone.

How's my Texting? California – 6WUP815