Florida – YB4YZA

License State / Plate:
Florida – YB4 YZA

Type of Bad Driving Event:

Date / Time:
10/30/2023 11:30 AM

FL-408, Orlando, FL, USA

Vehicle Make & Model:
Blue Pickup Truck with back seat, Not sure what kind or modei

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please):
I was driving on the 408 towards I4 from the 417 and this truck got right on my bumper. I was trying to pass another car. Scared me significantly. So I tried to pass the other car and the truck behind me swerved to the right to pass the other car and then threw something hard on my windshield. Made a very loud noise and scratched my new car. He then put his hand out of the driver’s side truck window and made a gun with his hand and moved his fingers like he would shoot me. I retrieved my camera so I could capture his license plate number, he then accelerated to very unsafe speeds and made the gun with his hand several times. You can see in the second pic his hand out the window making the shooting sign.

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