California – 8HEV099

The driver was very aggressive by continually sticking up the middle finger and yelling profanities. The driver waited off to the side of a Taco Bell drive-thru for an opening and cut off people while screaming and cussing and people who honked at her for cutting in front of them. The driver cut in front of the last car in the drive-thru line.

How's my Texting? California – 8HEV099

Wisconsin – AEU5166

He zoomed around me when we were both exiting Hwy 169. At the end of the exit there is a T with both left and right turn lanes, he went left and I right. He actually needed to turn right and must of thought I cut him off. When the light turned green he changed lanes and turned to the right just after me, then sped up in the parking lane trying to pass me illegally on the right. I saw him screaming at me through my pasenger side window. I needed to turn left, and he followed me onto my street. I pulled over at my house, and he did too. He got out and started screaming at me. His poor wife looked mortified.

How's my Texting? Wisconsin – AEU5166