Category: Aggressive

Ontario – AANN580

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Ignores the yeild sign and pulls onto a one lane bridge while my vehicle is approaching from a 30% downhill incline. Had to brake hard to stop less than two meters from him. When I point out he has a yeild sign he says “I was already halfway”, which he was…

Colorado – BVF670

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Well over half way out into backing out of a parking spot and he comes speeding past with no regard of how close he was. Driver Description: Male he had tinted windows Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Avalon XL Event Date/Time: February 11, 2020 05:50:00 am Location: Colorado, United States

California – 8HFU820

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cut me off so bad after exiting the Starbucks I almost hit her. Beeped her and she ignored me. Driver Description: Female driver dark hair possibly Armenian ethnicity Vehicle Make/Model: Volkswagen/Compact Event Date/Time: February 11, 2020 07:15:00 am Location: California, United States

Texas – LHC1092

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Young girl driving, swerving in and out of traffice passing in the right lane going approx 70MPH when the speed limit is 60 MPH, I was going about 65MPH when her passed. A few miles ahead, at the stop light, I looked at her to indentify the driver then she swung…

Texas – BT3D703

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Speeding, cutting people off, reckless driving, almost hit my car just to try to pass the person in front of him. Driver Description: Hispanic, slightly overweight Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic Event Date/Time: February 09, 2020 21:12:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

Massachusetts – 4YW177

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive and reckless driving on highway. Almost causing two accidents by swerving in and out of his lane, because he was on the phone while driving. Driver Description: Mid aged man Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/IS250 Event Date/Time: February 09, 2020 16:12:00 pm Location: Massachusetts, United States

New Jersey – W26GDE

Event: Aggressive Event Description: The female driver was texting and driving on the fast lane and swerving really bad. I tried to caution her and she gave the middle finger and swerved to hit my car on purpose. I had to brake suddenly to avoid a serious crash in the highway Driver Description: White female…