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New York – JMV5149

Event: Parking in HANDICAP Zone Event Description: Parking in HANDICAP Zone! The Worst SCUMBAG on Earth. Silver Subaru Impreza New York License Plate JMV 5149 Driver Description: Asian Scumbag Vehicle Make/Model: Subaru/Impreza Event Date/Time: February 24, 2021 01:12:00 am Location: New York, United States

Colorado – AAWF30

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Asshole cut the drive thru line not just one, but TWICE. Asshole looked at me after she did it and laughted Driver Description: Asian woman. Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/ Event Date/Time: February 21, 2021 23:00:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Ontario – CRPT705

Event: Reckless Event Description: Left turn into Tim Horton’s plaza, driver ignores other vehicles ahead by cutting across parking lot and merging into lineup recklessly. Driver Description: South East Asian – Male with glasses Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/328i Event Date/Time: January 02, 2021 22:45:00 pm Location: Ontario, Canada

California – 8LJP012

Event: Reckless Event Description: Driver recklessly merged inched from our car when there were open lanes in front of us. Driver Description: Middle aged Asian with dark hair and glasses Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Camry Event Date/Time: November 01, 2020 23:46:00 pm Location: California, United States

California – 8R35308

Event: Reckless Event Description: Was in right turn lane but decided to go straight while I proceeded forward in the straight lane. Then sped up in front of me and slammed on his brakes because I honked at him causing me to honk my horn louder and harder for a longer period of time. Almost…

Alaska – LBL179

Event: Reckless Event Description: Was stop at corner of Kelvin and e 7th st. She turned way to tight and hit me even after blaring my horn at her. She had time to stop but was distracted or could not see my car. Got her insurance after she drove off and came back right when…

California – 8G78634

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Waiting in line at a drive through and he proceeded to cut me off claiming the line was the other direction. However he came out of nowhere and there was no line. Driver Description: Short hair Asian male. Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Titan Event Date/Time: March 25, 2020 21:11:00 pm Location: California,…

California – 4KDX890

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Driver of this vehicle is a terrible driver that has road rage. Brakes prematurely hundreds of yards infront of stoplights and brake checked me at a geen lighted right turn. This driver got mad at me for passing them on an onramp to the 210 west from riverside ave and…

California – 8FFT543

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Attempt at riding cyclist off the road, road rage, verbal abuse. Driver Description: Appeared drunk, Asian Vehicle Make/Model: Buick/Enclave Event Date/Time: February 22, 2020 00:59:00 am Location: California, United States