Tag: Civic

Florida – BHLB64

Event: Aggressive Event Description: The person cut me off very close to my car Driver Description: I didn’t get a description of the driver Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic Event Date/Time: February 22, 2020 19:58:00 pm Location: Florida, United States

Pennsylvania – KXT1747

Event: hit my car Event Description: Backed into my driver side door of my new car I had for only 9 months. Just continued driving – wasn’t able to exchange information. Arrow in photo shows his bumper with scratches that scratched my door. Driver Description: No visual – night time. Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic Si Event…

Texas – BT3D703

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Speeding, cutting people off, reckless driving, almost hit my car just to try to pass the person in front of him. Driver Description: Hispanic, slightly overweight Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic Event Date/Time: February 09, 2020 21:12:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

Quebec – M59PDJ

Event: Hit and run Event Description: Hit and run. Scratched my car while trying to go forward in the left lane, but there was not enough room. I had to follow him on quite a long distance before he stopped and got out of his car… Driver Description: Young man, with his buddy, he said…

Texas – CVN2913

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Honda driver cuts someone off right before they try to turn onto a road. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic Event Date/Time: November 11, 2019 19:51:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

New Jersey – V14LXX

Event: Reckless Event Description: The driver (female) is currently violating her probation and is very reckless. She’s on probation for a drug use violation and is NOT clean. Please watch out for her. Driver Description: Around 5’6”. Brown wavy hair. Big nose. Looks angry. On the chubbier side. Vehicle Make/Model: Honda Civi/2017 Event Date/Time: December…

California – 7HKV267

Event: Slow Poke Event Description: The driver only turned left and started moving after being honked at. Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qPyaMhFWtJYexjksVDHR94LvWxxk6TN2/view?usp=sharing Driver Description: Not sure Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic Event Date/Time: December 11, 2019 14:53:00 pm Location: California, United States

California – 7LRJ925

Event: Passive-Aggressive Event Description: Pre-thanksgiving weekend. This guys cuts off another car waiting for a parking spot. Then waves and makes a comment “patience is a virtue” to the other car who had been waiting. License plate # 7LRJ925. Black Honda Civic. Driven by young man with a young woman in the passenger seat. Driver…

Maryland – IDP3024

Event: Aggressive Event Description: This car was speeding from the right of three lanes behind me. Passed me while swerving with break lights to come to a full stop ON the line separating my middle lane and the left lane. The car stayed stopped as he kept raising his right hand up with a specific…