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Illinois – R165281

Event: Aggressive Event Description: He backed up without looking behind him, rear ended me, while I was waiting for him to move. Driver Description: Black Male Late 30s/early 40s Vehicle Make/Model: Lincoln/2000 Town Car Event Date/Time: March 27, 2019 11:30:00 am Location: Illinois, United States Original Report

Virginia – X20821

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Recless passing from the left shoulder of the highway, driving an Enterprise fleet car. Driver Description: Benjamin Mattox Age 74 Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep /Cherokee Event Date/Time: August 03, 2018 18:14:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

California – 7VGN838

Event: Cut line Event Description: Driver cut line to supercharger Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Tesla/Model S State/Province: California Country: United States Event Date/Time: August 06, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 33.98669498714337, -118.39033398041204 Original Report

5 Best Summer Car Care Tips

Jaclyn Trop cars.usnews.com Summer is the season for beaches, barbecues – and breakdowns. Even though summer means fun, the hotter months have a way of wreaking havoc on your vehicle. Extreme weather can cause potholes and damage tires, while residue leftover from winter corrodes the components that make your vehicle work. And, with the additional…

Exactly Why You Need To Warm Up Your Car When It’s Cold

Jason Torchinsky jalopnik.com Much like the act of wearing live hamsters as a merkin, whether or not to warm your car up in cold, cold winter is something nearly everyone seems to have an opinion about. We’ve tackled the issue before, and I’m still on Team Warm, but there’s still a lot of controversy around…

Top Ten Car Care Tips

Mike Bumbeck autoMedia.com What you can do yourself to keep your car on the road If everything on TV were true, then keeping a vehicle running great, looking good, and lasting a long time would be the easiest thing ever. Advertising will tell us over and over that all we really need to do to…

Six Ways You Could be Killing Your Car

carcare.org Owning a car can be a dream or a nightmare depending on how well you take care of your vehicle, says the non-profit Car Care Council. The following are six things that many motorists do that can harm their car and their wallet.6waysyouarekillingyourcar Ignoring the check engine light. Ignoring an illuminated check engine light…

Toyota’s Making a High-Performance Yaris

With the Yaris competing in rally racing, a fast production version is a deliciously logical progression. Chris Perkins roadandtrack.com Toyota will soon build a hot hatch to join the fun alongside the rear-drive 86 and the new LC 500 coupe. Yep, the automaker’s newest World Rally Championship (WRC) car will influence a production version of…