Oklahoma – MAM932

The driver cut across double white hatched lines into an on-ramp / exit only lane to pass me on the right at 90+ miles per hour, with stopped (0mph) traffic just ahead in the exit only lane and in so doing cut me off twice. I40 westbound at the i235 north exit. Very reckless driving. They also had a busted side mirror, I wonder why.

How's my Texting? Oklahoma – MAM932

Florida – AY76RK

I was driving and this crazy lady thinks just because she has her turn signal on she can turn so I had to quickly move over and she almost rear ends me and causes a big accident and almost makes me hit a family of 3 that were walking by but I quickly swerved out the way and she was on her phone which makes me so angry because her being on her phone not paying attention almost caused a huge accident I’m more upset that that family almost got hit more than I am that my car could of been totaled this woman needs her license took away because clearly she’s not ready for a car, a car is a weapon and she doesn’t realize that I hate drivers who can’t go a couple minutes without there phones

How's my Texting? Florida – AY76RK

Virginia – ULD2425

Black middle aged female, cheetah print steering wheel cover. I was in the left lane she cut me off to go around another vehicle I blew my horn to let her know I was there so she wouldn’t clip my front end and which time she flipped me off, then proceeded to tailgate the driver in front of her while periodically slowing down enough hitting her brakes for me to have to apply brakes. Thankfully I wasn’t close enough to have to slam on them. After the weigh station at the Wilroy Rd. Left turn traffic was backed up into the left lane she slowed down really fast to where she was directly in front of me there was a tractor and trailer behind me and 2 pickup trucks to my right so I tried to ease off her slowly as not to affect anyone else’s driving and all of a sudden she cut off the first pickup truck to our right and there were stopped cars in my lane I had to jerk the wheel to the right and slam on my brakes thank God the trucks to my right were already swerved onto the shoulder to avoid her erratic lane change or they would have hit me and my children. After regaining the flow of traffic I ended up beside her again at which point she laughed pointed and flipped her middle finger to me again before speeding away and ducking in and out of traffic like I was going to try to follow her. I tried to get my phone to call the police but my children were crying and I was visibly still shaking so I waited until I got home to completely focus on the rest of our trip. The picture I took is of her speeding away after laughing at the end.

How's my Texting? Virginia – ULD2425