New Jersey – N17HKY

Bad driver in red subaru. Almost side swiped me twice on the FDR onramp from the GWB. She signaled and moved to the left lane well before the left merge. When she got close to the left merge (onramp on left has a stop sign) she decided to switch back to the right lane, where I was, without even signaling or looking to see if anyone was there. I hit my brakes and honked and she moved back to the left lane, only to try it again a second later without signaling or looking again and I had to slam on my brakes again to avoid a collision because this time she didn’t swerve back into her own lane, she kept coming.

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California – 5TCJ870

This driver sped up next to me in the fast lane of the highway and slowed down within a cars length of the vehicle in front of her. Then she swerved into my lane without using a blinker while I was still adjacent to her, so I slammed on my brakes, causing her to miss me by about a foot (while going ~50 mph). She continued to weave in and out of the fast lane without a blinker. I eventually wound up next to her, turns out she was talking on the phone – distracted, aggressive, and dumb driving. Turns out we took the same exit and I saw her continue to cut people off with no blinker.

How's my Texting? California – 5TCJ870

Washington – BXW7311

The driver of this Audi was going 25-30 mph in a 50 mph zone, creating an extremely long line of traffic behind them. They frequently brake checked and at times, almost came to a complete stop when doing so; when I was finally able to pass them, they flashed their high beams at me persistently as if to get a reaction.

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California – 8ZXS658

This reckless driver was tailgating behind the car on the lane to my right after they exited from the freeway. Then, she swiftly started merging into my lane but almost collided with my vehicle, so I slammed on my horn. She sped up to get in front of me. The whole time before and after she changed lanes, she forgot to turn off the right blinker (which I circled) even though she merged into the left lane (my lane). The right blinker was still left on after I merged to get past her. Looking closely at the license plate, it seems she didn’t renew her car registration according to the sticker, as we’re in 2024. The license plate says “BE HAPPY,” which was hypocritical for her driving maneuver.

The driver was a Hispanic woman who appeared to be in her 20’s or 30’s. She even had some passengers with her.

How's my Texting? California – 8ZXS658

Oklahoma – MAM932

The driver cut across double white hatched lines into an on-ramp / exit only lane to pass me on the right at 90+ miles per hour, with stopped (0mph) traffic just ahead in the exit only lane and in so doing cut me off twice. I40 westbound at the i235 north exit. Very reckless driving. They also had a busted side mirror, I wonder why.

How's my Texting? Oklahoma – MAM932