California – BONNIEZ

Nissan black Sentra with blacked out windows at a very dangerous exit heading eastbound on the 10 cut us off, speeding from the left to get off the freeway. Which for some unsettling reason is way too common at this point heading towards the Desert Cities . One of the reasons we want to post this morning as the tukwet cyn exit on Cherry Valleyis particularly dangerous with these recklessly stupid drivers making illegal exits off of the highway at Tukwet Canyon, who cut other drivers off, to throw themselves off of the10. once saw such an idiot do the same thing but in between two semi trucks. Great move! Just speed like a mortal maniac a little bit further to Desert Lawn Cemetery to get yourself in that urn. Drivers also run the red lights at the top of the exit overpass so just be aware. Just cut us off from the left side speeding. Stater Bros and restaurants are there but this can’t be the reason for the recklessness as there will be another exit very soon lol. Many drivers also go through the red lights at the top of the overpass, so just a friendly note to be careful. There’s still good drivers out there.

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