New Jersey – N17HKY

Bad driver in red subaru. Almost side swiped me twice on the FDR onramp from the GWB. She signaled and moved to the left lane well before the left merge. When she got close to the left merge (onramp on left has a stop sign) she decided to switch back to the right lane, where I was, without even signaling or looking to see if anyone was there. I hit my brakes and honked and she moved back to the left lane, only to try it again a second later without signaling or looking again and I had to slam on my brakes again to avoid a collision because this time she didn’t swerve back into her own lane, she kept coming.

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California – 8ZXG642

I was turning right on a green light when this used mercedes driver coming from the opposite direction did not yield to me even though I was already turning (I had the right of the way) and proceeded to come into my lane after the turn from the left side in a median, cutting me off. With my quick reaction, I was able to swerve to the right and escape from him hitting me from the left but he was very close. He is a very reckless and dangerous driver.

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California – BONNIEZ

Nissan black Sentra with blacked out windows at a very dangerous exit heading eastbound on the 10 cut us off, speeding from the left to get off the freeway. Which for some unsettling reason is way too common at this point heading towards the Desert Cities . One of the reasons we want to post this morning as the tukwet cyn exit on Cherry Valleyis particularly dangerous with these recklessly stupid drivers making illegal exits off of the highway at Tukwet Canyon, who cut other drivers off, to throw themselves off of the10. once saw such an idiot do the same thing but in between two semi trucks. Great move! Just speed like a mortal maniac a little bit further to Desert Lawn Cemetery to get yourself in that urn. Drivers also run the red lights at the top of the exit overpass so just be aware. Just cut us off from the left side speeding. Stater Bros and restaurants are there but this can’t be the reason for the recklessness as there will be another exit very soon lol. Many drivers also go through the red lights at the top of the overpass, so just a friendly note to be careful. There’s still good drivers out there.

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California – 9KJG068

This heavy set white(?) male with curly hairs looking nearly in his mid 50’s driving a second-hand 6 year old maserati driving unsafely. Incident occurred on the off ramp of i-280 exit 13 toward Foothill expressway. Driver kept swerving into my lane and out of my lane as he was confused with directions. Last minute, he comes into my lane again right in front of me, setting my safety emergency brake system to go on. Then, as we both made a turn onto Foothill expressway, I changed lanes because he was going 20 mph under the speed limit. Then, he cuts me off again just so he can take another on-ramp. Did not turn on blinkers or checking mirrors at any time.

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