Texas – KNJ8164

I was coming off the I83 ramp and going down to merge onto I-35. There was a van pulling a small closed trailer on I-35 who kept speeding up to block me from moving in. I notice ahead there was a large part of a tire in my lane so I sped up and with blinker on started to move in front of the van since it had slowed down some when it sped up and blocked me from moving in so that I would run over the tire. The tire hit the bottom of my car several times as I went over it. Fortunately, my car sits a little higher so there were little damage from what I can see. He deliberately maneuvered me into running over the tire, and as I passed him he was laughing and I managed to finally move over. There was no reason for him to act that way since I was merging off a ramp. What he did could have ended badly if I had panic or the cars behind me could have been damaged. He is what I would call a malicious driver.

How's my Texting? Texas – KNJ8164