Massachusetts – 9599

Driver was tailgating cars going at or above the speed limit in a rural area (55 MPH, 40 MPH, 35 MPH). Aggressively passed in a passing zone, just inches from the back bumper of a family’s car, then swerved to cut them off, and immediately brake-checked them. Failed to yield at a traffic circle and did not pull over for three south-bound emergency vehicles, and continued to brake-check cars behind him on Main St., Alton.

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Ohio – JGS2560

Dude with “don’t tread on me” sticker and Thin Blue line sticker liked riding my ass at 80mph in a 65 on I-75 sound. He did this for a few miles, I had nowhere to go as the folks in front of me were already going 80. Once they got out of the way I passed them, got over. He proceeded to pass me then look over to see if I was going to flip him off. He was less than a car length away most of the time and he knew I had nowhere to go in traffic. Montgomery county Ohio sticker

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California – 55532DV

I was in the left lane headed northbound on Sunrise at Racquet Club. This guy in the big Lexus sedan comes up behind me. As I was accelerating to the posted speed limit of 45 mph, he decided to tailgate me. Then as I made a lane change into the left turning lane, the guy in the big Lexus almost rear-ended me. As he sped past me, he honked at me! So I honked back at him.

Crazy mofo needs to be off the roads and back in his home. He is probably close to death, and he seems to want to take everyone with him. When he rear-ends someone, he will be at fault. Insurance companies settle rear-end accidents quickly because of so many lawsuits for whiplash. Grandpa, go home.

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