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Hawaii – ZJM201

Event: Red Light Event Description: This inconsiderate driver hogged the right turn lane to himself only to continue straight ahead of the Paiwa Street + Lumiaina Street intersection, despite there being a lane for going straight. As a result, motorists who intend to make a right turn from Paiwa Street to Lumiaina Street had to…

Texas – JDW2074

Event: No Signals Event Description: This bitch did not use a turn signal when going left at the left. Welcome to Idiotville! Population: Too Many Driver Description: Dumb Blonde Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer Event Date/Time: May 17, 2021 11:05:00 am Location: Texas, United States

Georgia – CK7327

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Gray Ford. I guess we weren’t driving fast enough so he cut us off, and then hit the breaks. Driver Description: Male Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer ? Event Date/Time: May 13, 2021 18:29:00 pm Location: Georgia, United States

Minnesota – ELN665

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Driver was tailgating behind me this evening as I was sitting at a left turn yield only lane and had a car in front of me that was not turning due to a pedestrian walking in the crosswalk. The driver behind me was honking their horn excessively! When I was…

Hawaii – SPG123

Event: Left Lane Loafer Event Description: The driver wants to be “first in line” only to drive 25 mph on the H-1 westbound on-ramp. Once on the H-1 westbound, the driver made his way to the left lane to loaf it. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer Event Date/Time: April 18, 2021 16:52:00 pm Location: Hawaii,…

Ohio – GKA1650

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Red truck merged into the left lane and almost ran us off the road. He continued to merge after we blew our horn Driver Description: N/A Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer Event Date/Time: January 09, 2021 13:10:00 pm Location: Ohio, United States

Arizona – 4FR3786

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Yelled jackass as she was backing out of her garage even though I waited for he to back up and she had plenty of room enough room. Driver Description: Old bitter hag in her 50s, boy haircut Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer Event Date/Time: October 16, 2020 03:40:00 am Location: Arizona, United States

Virginia – VWZ3546

Event: Aggressive Event Description: There’s a black Ford SUV- Explorer I believe- who is out and about in our area driving erratically. They passed my family van on Townsville Road headed towards Henderson, doing 85 just to pass me and then do over 100mph down the road. The only way I was even able to…