Washington – BRW2873

I was driving on 520 in Redmond and was exiting the highway, this car tailgates me and is going fast. There’s l two lanes one going to the right and one to the left. I turned my indicator to move to the left lane and the car would not allow me to change lanes, so I slowed down to change lanes after the car passed. However, this aggressive driver also slowed down and pulled up next to me not allowing me to go, I did not want an interaction so I kept moving but they would not stop following. Every time I sped up or slowed down they did the same in sharp jerking movement. All while honking and harassing me. I eventually had to take a wrong turn to get away from this aggressive driver and he followed for a bit until I turned into a parking lot. Unprovoked and uncalled for, I don’t know what their problem was but he needs to be reported for reckless driving and harassment!

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