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Washington – BLD2492

Event: Reckless Event Description: Driver cut in front of me, nearly causing an accident in a no change lane coming off 26 west to 405 north. Would have ignored this but the driver proceeded to change lanes in a reckless manner and almost hitting a pedestrian. Driver Description: I didn’t see the driver but they…

California – 8GZB178

Event: Reckless Event Description: This reckless driver is a very dangerous person, driving at high speed, tailgating, drifting, weaving between cars and lanes, he is a scumbag road rage. This maniac driver horned crazy behind my car because I slowed down and stopped my car before the yellow light turning red at left traffic light…

California – 1456709

Event: Reckless Event Description: Date of incident: September 03, 2019 Time of incident: 4:26 PM Location of misuse: Driving north on 19th street at the intersection of J street. Activity for concern: Driver ran the stop sign and was driving at unsafe speed of acceleration while attempting to merge left in to my lane followed…

Ohio – FUW9061

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Older man attempted to pass me on one-lane on-ramp to 76 west. Once merging onto the highway, man would not let me merge and ran me off the road Driver Description: Older white man Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Escape SE Event Date/Time: August 29, 2019 17:00:00 pm Location: Ohio, United States

Ohio – DXY26Q7

Event: Tailgating Event Description: Traffic was bumper to bumper. Driver kept tailgating. I honked and said back off. He became more aggressive until I was finally able to changes lanes to take my exit off. Driver Description: Caucasian, 35 to 45. Brown hair, sunglasses, red tshirt Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Expidition Event Date/Time: August 27, 2019 18:15:00…

Connecticut – AP21780

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Increased to a dangerous speed to cut me off at merge in single lane road. Tailgated me and once he passed me, he repeatedly slammed on his brakes. Aggressive behavior and continued tailgating other autos once we were on the highway. Driver Description: Middle aged white man in sunglasses, dark hair…

Texas – LXH3404

Event: Litter Bug Event Description: Stupid slut throwing piles of trash out the window into a protected forest. Driver Description: Just some dumb Earth hating cunt. Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/ Event Date/Time: August 23, 2019 19:51:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

Maryland – 1MD8516

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Jumped into flow of traffic from a parking lot from behind 3 vehicles nearly causing a collision between 3 vehicles Driver Description: Male Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Expedition Event Date/Time: August 21, 2019 20:28:00 pm Location: Maryland, United States