Georgia – CKG6069

Crazy Lady came to a complete stop on a road that had a hole. I get that you need to slow down but it’s a busy road do not come to a complete stop. I honked at her. She then tries to retaliate by brake checking and driving slowly while no one is in front of her.
So when comes my opportunity to pass her I do and then I get right back in front of her because the entrance to my work place is right there. She follows me into my workplace (she works there too) into my parking garage and parks right next to me (this is the Parking Garage, badge access required). As I exit my vehicle, she starts asking me to give her my ID. I politely said no, then she goes “You enter through the foreigner’s space, you are a visitor” I said I am neither. She started being racist. I am a US citizen. She proceeds to threaten me and said she will take a picture of my plates, and report me, she has a dashcam. I said fine, but I will report you and take your license plate. You cannot go harassing people around because I honked and passed you gently. I took her license plates and as I took pictures, she tried to back into me (physically, as in she wants to run me over while I stood her) because now that she has a picture she wants to go. She literally wanted to run me over. She fled the scene.

How's my Texting? Georgia – CKG6069