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Virginia – 6CT1086

Aggressive Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Mustang Event Description: Raced to the zipper merge almost causing a cluster fudge, forcing the right of way lane to brake. Then proceeded to tailgate. Driver Description: Just an ass.

Massachusetts – 919CKW

Merge Impaired 2002 GMC Sierra/1500 I was getting onto the highway, he would not move over or slow down to let me merge onto the highway. He matched my speed almost to try and run me off the road. Would not allow anyone to pass him on either side or merge. Fat, white, male, late…

Proof That God Exists and He Loves Bad Drivers

Vlad Mitrache autoevolution.com They say God is everywhere, but driving a car day after day leaves us with the impression that the only thing we’re surrounded by is bad drivers. And the worst thing is that they hide behind human faces just like yours and mine. You can never know if the SUV to your…