California – 8HEV099

The driver was very aggressive by continually sticking up the middle finger and yelling profanities. The driver waited off to the side of a Taco Bell drive-thru for an opening and cut off people while screaming and cussing and people who honked at her for cutting in front of them. The driver cut in front of the last car in the drive-thru line.

How's my Texting? California – 8HEV099

California – 5DVJ080

I was driving in the right lane on a two-lane road. Driver begins tail-gating and aggressively honking. As soon as I noticed the tail-gating, I switched to the left lane. (It took a couple seconds because the left lane was crowded, and we were all going the same speed.) After I switched to left lane, driver brake checks me. I was prepared, but the car behind me wasn’t — they honked, and there was almost an accident.

How's my Texting? California – 5DVJ080