California – 9GGD984

this careless Nissan Sentra driver didn’t even apologize when they almost gunned us down vehicularly, as we were coming back to our driver side door, invisible or not. Older rougher man about 5’8″ almost also crashed into a couple carts someone else didn’t take care to return to the bay. Nasty people.

How's my Driving? California – 9GGD984

California – 6GYL746

The driver of this Civic reversed into my mom’s car at the drive-in theater. She admitted fault on the spot, but her car had no active insurance policy at the time of the accident, so the police were called. We exchanged information and I contacted my insurance company the following day. They later ruled the Civic driver at fault, and it’s safe to assume that the accident is on their record now due to having an inactive insurance policy at the time it occurred.

If you are local to the San Jose area, please be careful if you see this car.

How's my Driving? California – 6GYL746

California – 8CDA069

This worthless piece of shit intentionally hit a mound of dirt on the freeway and caused debris and brush to go everywhere in front of my motorcycle. I narrowly evaded crashing at 65mph and then this cum sucker actually yelled and flipped me off for his reckless driving. I reported to CHP and filing with DMV.

How's my Driving? California – 8CDA069

California – 9CGN673

He drove into our lane and cut us off, came from behind. we had to slam the brakes . I took my phone to record plates and he stopped made a U turn and drove behind us tailgated for couple minutes then drove to our left side along us and stopped when we were at a red, and he go when we go.. all while recording with his phone for several minutes long! Driver side window black tint. Unsafe driver , aggressive, reckless, not supposed to drive while using phone, then he made a U turn over the double yellow line and revved his engine real loud in his race car and sped off BMW I dunno what model the writing was a line on the back. young man, broke so many traffic rules. , BE CAREFUL!

How's my Driving? California – 9CGN673