Texas – PTT7496

License State / Plate: Texas – PTT7496

Type of Bad Driving Event: Reckless

Date / Time: 10/04/2023 2:30 PM

Location: I-820, Lake Worth, TX, USA

Vehicle Make & Model: Audi

Event & Driver Description (no doxing please): There was a line of cars in the fast lane no room to merge and a white Audi came speeding through and merged recklessly! Extremely close to pushing me off the road and there was barely any room for the car behind me to stop. Potential pile up should I have reacted too slowly! And there’s absolutely no way they didn’t see me so it wasn’t a blind spot issue. Note the uploaded picture isn’t the actual vehicle I do not have a dash cam but it looks similar to the car I saw! This event took place heading north on I 820 around Lake worth, Texas

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