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Texas – F7H2DV

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Knucklehead decided to wait until the last second to exit and nearly hitting us. An accident just waiting to happen! Driver Description: Careless Asshole Vehicle Make/Model: Audi/A5 Event Date/Time: April 04, 2021 11:50:00 am Location: Texas, United States

California – 7CEJ449

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver swerves over from one turning lane to the next without watching for surrounding traffic. Driver also stops in the middle of the lane before making a turn without using proper turn signaling and moving to the side of the lane to delay all people behind him. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model:…

Massachusetts – 8PBM70

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ocxpampp05sbwp6/FILE200607-173824-047655F.MOV?dl=0 Event: Straight on left-only lane Event Description: The driver was on the left-most lane on Soldier’s Field Rd, at the intersection of Cambridge St. That lane is only allowed to turn left. I was one lane over one the right, and my lane has the option to make a left or go straight. I…

California – NG0T8R

PALO ALTO this asshole was way too comfortable hitting young protesters find him pls pic.twitter.com/hirOXijiYB — black lives matter (@laaurenkoo) June 6, 2020 Event: Reckless Event Description: Drove vehicle into a crowd of people, colliding with several protesters. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Audi/Red Event Date/Time: June 07, 2020 15:32:00 pm Location: California, United States

Illinois – Y980662

Event: Cut Off Event Description: This driver decided to cut me off IN A DRIVE THRU right before I was about to pull forward because the idiot wasn’t in the correct line, as he proceeded to cut me off he almost hit my car which wouldn’t had ended very well. Driver Description: White male, snobby,…

Delaware – I9294

Event: Reckless Event Description: Out of state driver from Delaware just swerved into my lane, almost hitting me. I hit my car horn, and the driver kept trying to cut into my lane, nearly clipping my passenger side. Driver Description: Older man in late 60s. Driving with a woman in the front seat. Vehicle Make/Model:…

Virginia – UST3991

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Dickhead comes flying up doing what appears to be almost double the posted speed and proceeds to split lanes cutting me off hard. Of course I see him at the next stop light. Fucking idiot! Driver Description: 50s white male Vehicle Make/Model: Audi /Q7 Premium Plus / 2014 Event Date/Time: March…

Texas – LLZ0613

Event: Reckless Event Description: Speeding, recklessly changing lanes, tailgating vehicles. Tailgated my vehicle very closely even though my car has a sticker that clearly says I had a baby in the back seat Driver Description: Female Vehicle Make/Model: Audi/SQS Event Date/Time: March 18, 2020 14:45:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

Washington – BLH0599

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Tailgating and speeding. Ran 2 people off the road. Was following so closely I couldn’t see his headlights. Driver Description: Short white man in late 30s or early 40s with short brown hair. Not clean shaven. Vehicle Make/Model: Audi/Q7 Event Date/Time: December 15, 2019 14:27:00 pm Location: Washington, United States